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The focus of faith is on building a relationship with God and learning from the scripture. At its core, it doesn’t require much at all. However, in a proper place of worship, a place dedicated to congregating followers of Christ and learning in unison, it is expected that certain standards are met. 

Those standards include proper seating, a proper place to meet with the priest or pastor, proper places to kneel in prayer, and generally, the right accommodations to facilitate a comfortable and proper worship experience. 

That is one purpose of Liturgical furnishings, but they also create a welcoming environment to facilitate the building of a relationship with God.

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A fully furnished Catholic church requires far more furnishings than you might think to create the experience worshippers expect. 

First, you have to consider seating. The congregation has to have a place to sit comfortably while focusing on Mass. Pews are the primary form of seating in any church, and they will take up the bulk of any nave. 

Next, the altar is the focal point of the nave, as it’s a crucial part of any church. This is where the pastor or priest provides his sermon and conducts most of the church's teachings. 

Altars, smaller seating options in the confessional, and more situation-specific furnishings are all necessary to ensure that the church can carry out its daily functions properly while providing a respectable environment for the congregation.

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The furnishings in a Catholic church are extremely important. These are pieces of the church just as much as the walls, archways, and stunning stained-glass windows. They should be made with dedication, and love, and with the intent to create something worthy of being in a place of worship. 

This means that the craftsmanship must be unmatched. As a piece of furniture in a place of worship, there’s no room to cut corners, deviate from traditional designs, or otherwise present furnishings that aren’t representative of the importance of such a crucial part of any community. 

Design elements should also be reminiscent of traditional patterns and represent organized complexity which requires the solemn nature of the church.

Ornate details are crucial in expressing organized complexity.

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The Catholic church as a whole has its own identity that is immediately recognizable by its architecture and furnishings, and within each Catholic church, there’s another individual identity.  No two Catholic churches are the same. While the goal is the same, the structure itself, and the furnishings that make it a functional space, differ dramatically

As such, the needs of one church will greatly differ from those of another when it comes to furnishings and the finer details of the overall presentation given. 

That’s where Baker AIA focuses much of its attention. 

Not only do we help with architecture, but we can help in the planning and development of custom furnishings. We also provide Lidar scanning services, which elevates the church-building project to a whole new level.

These custom furnishings help you create furnishing options that match the individual identity of your church in a way that meets the Catholic sensibilities of the congregation.

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Liturgical furnishings are more than simple functional objects. They enhance the sacred atmosphere of a Catholic church and facilitate the most important relationship anyone can have. The relationship between you and God. 

As such, the liturgy furnishings in your church are crucial to its everyday function, and you need high-quality, custom liturgy furnishings

Baker AIA offers these custom liturgy furnishings made with the finest craftsmanship. You can contact us by email, by phone, or by visiting us in person at 1360 Horizon Ave, CO.

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