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At Baker Architects we are reimagining how architecture is designed, procured, produced, and delivered.

Over the years, we have found that many clients struggle with the traditional design practice of architectural firms. Through the traditional meet, wait-to-meet, present design process, they experience design delays, input not being included, not having a thorough understanding of the design, etc., etc., etc.

Good news: there is another way!!!

Over the past twenty-five years of serving the Catholic Church, we have developed a proven method for streamlining and efficiently guiding you through the design of your church.

This unique process involves a 10-week IIDP process for working with clients. This Immediate Interactive Design Process involves weekly design sessions where we sit with you and your building committee, either in-person or through a zoom conference call, and immediately change and alter the design model while discussing the project with you. An immediate record of all design decisions is recorded in the model and all input is interactively added as we meet and design. 

You see the design process immediately changed via your input.

Your feedback is immediately put into the 3D model and you can experience the design updates interactively while we meet.  Likewise, at the end of the meeting, we produce and share an interactive 3D model of the current design so you can virtually walk=thru the design in 3D, take measurements, make notes, and experience all of your decision right away. This tool allows you to know for certain if the modifications were the right ones.

In addition to the interactive 3D model, you receive an immediately relevant set of documentation of the design at that point of the process. 

We assure you, by going through the 10-week IIDP method, you will be significantly further along in a mutually agreed-upon design than you would with many months of the current traditional design approach of the architectural industry.

  • No weekly delays or forgotten notes

  • Immediate documentation of the design at any point along the design process

  • Instant updates to cost estimates and quantity take-offs

  • Make informed decisions and reduce risk

  • Significantly more efficient process

  • Increased overall transparency

  • No surprises

  • Increased transparency on the project design

If you are interested, we can set up a 30-minute Zoom meeting with you to demonstrate the IIDP process. The effectiveness of this approach is immediately demonstrated. Many clients have asked us why haven't other firms done this? We respond, they are not rethinking how architecture can and needs to be done in the 21st century. You will immediately see the power of this process. You will understand how we've Reimagined the process of design and agree that there is no reason for NOT doing it this way. This supports our goal:

Architecture Reimagined.

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